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Our Recent Environmental Work

Sep 06, 2022


As a UNESCO Biosphere Partner, Sight Matters prioritises green and environmental initiatives. Recently, we’ve turned our focus to reducing single-use plastics, both day-to-day at Corrin Court and at our events.

As such, we've produced some rather lovely branded reusable water bottles. Each staff member has been given a bottle so that they can stay hydrated at work without producing additional plastic waste.

Additionally, we sold these bottles at our recent Coast to Coast walk – a move which helped us reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles on the day by around, so long as our maths holds up, 200!

Moreover, thanks to sponsorship from the Free Masons, we were able to provide water refills at this year’s Coast to Coast hydration stations. By opting for large water-cooler style storage units, walkers were able to refill their bottles quickly and easily – and in an environmentally-friendly way. Any plastic bottles that were used were collected by the team at Recycle Collect, who kindly agreed to place recycle boxes along the route and even collected them on our behalf, ready to be reused. Thanks to all of this, this year’s Coast to Coast was our greenest ever!  

Alongside this work, Sight Matters recently hosted a Gardening for Wildlife event with fellow Biosphere partners, Manx Wildlife Trust. The event taught delegates how to garden with the local environment in mind, and showcased some of the design innovations we’ve included in Freedom Field (such as our Hedgehog Run and birdboxes) that are specifically designed to support local flora and fauna.

Over the coming months and years, we will continue to pursue environmental initiatives. The Isle of Man is a beautiful place, and we want to do our part to ensure it stays that way.

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