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The Freedom Field is a sensory garden and therapeutic space located behind our headquarters at Corrin Court. 

The facility is designed first and foremost as a safe and secure space for blind and visually impaired children, adults and assistance dogs, but extends its reach to a much wider audience, including those with hidden disabilities, or physical and psychological challenges, who need a special place to enable the powerful and healing value of nature to contribute to their general wellbeing.

Consisting of three principal zones, The Sanctuary, Paws4Thought and the Freedom Run, each with a special purpose, our new service park will provide an exciting outdoor space open to vulnerable individuals and professionals to work with each other, relax, reflect and benefit from the conducive areas the facility provides. The Freedom Field will operate with the assistance of a volunteer team of Freedom Field Rangers who will look after the space, work with our Members and even help exercise those assistance dogs who will use the facility.

This new addition to our services represents a real commitment, not only to our Members, but also to our community. As an organisation we recognise the importance of all those working in the public, private and third sectors with individuals facing challenges in their lives; we are, after all, companion providers with a shared vision of improving the experiences of those who benefit from our services.