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People who experience problems with their vision can very quickly become isolated from the many aspects of the life they previously enjoyed.

Sight Matters works hard to help people to find new or just different ways to regain experiences that we take for granted.


What Is The Audio Library?

Our audio library opens up an exciting world of talking books to our members, providing a wonderful opportunity for people living with the challenges of sight loss to discover or, in many cases, re-discover the love of a good book.


A Much-Loved Service

Our library is one of our best used and most loved services.

To help people access our range of books we provide a free service audio library, principally operated by a small and dedicated team of volunteers.


How The Audio Library Works

  • A rechargeable MP3 audio player is loaned out to member, along with a book bag, catalogue and selection list.
  • If they wish to, the member selects 30 of their favourite titles which are then input into the system.
  • The librarian will initially send 3 books (on mp3 sticks) to the member, using their selection to guide them.
  • Once read, the member will send the audio book/s back through the freepost system using their book bag.
  • Once any books are received back at Corrin Court, the librarian will then send new titles out to the member chosen from their list. 


Reading Rediscovered

For many blind and visually impaired people, not being able to get lost in a good book is a huge blow. Our audio library exists to make reading accessible to everyone. The audio library contains nearly 2,000 books, and we are continually looking to expand.


Our Catalogue

To view our most recent full library catalogue click here.

To view our most recent MP3 library catalogue click here.


Support The Audio Library 

We rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations that donate both time and money to maintain the audio library.