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Avril's Mug Mats

Nov 23, 2023

Avrils Mug Mats v2

Sight Matters recently got a boost thanks to the awesome efforts of our member Avril Brindley.

Avril had a genius idea and managed to raise a fantastic £250 by making and selling "Mug Mats" from leftover bits of fabric.

Avril's plan was simple but effective – turning cloth off-cuts into nifty mats. She picked out some snazzy fabric pieces, and crafted mats that not only look good but proved a big hit with locals.

From tomorrow, Avril's mats will be available in the Sight Matters' VIP Store in Strand Street, giving more people access to to these wonderful mats. 

Avril's creative hustle hasn't just beefed up our funds; it's proof that clever ideas can be incredibly effective fundraisers. 

Avril's mats are more than just funky products – they're a symbol of community support for Sight Matters.

So a massive shout-out to Avril for making a real difference in the lives of those dealing with sight loss. Thank you, Avril. 

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