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Will You Go Bright 4 Sight? Get Your Workplace Or School Involved And Help Sight Matters Go Green

Sep 06, 2023

Bright 4 Sight 2023

Will You Go Bright 4 Sight?

Sight Matters is hosting Bright 4 Sight day on the 22nd of September.

We are encouraging schools and businesses to host a dress-down day and to wear their brightest clothes to raise awareness and funds for the Isle of Man’s blind and visually impaired community. Alternatively, organisations may choose to host a brightly-themed cake sale or to take part in a sponsored event (wearing, of course, a colourful outfit). Or, indeed, do something else fun, bright and exciting. 

This year, Sight Matters is raising funds to install solar panels on its premises, Corrin Court. Due to its location, Corrin Court is perfectly placed to collect solar energy. If a large solar panel array were installed, Sight Matters would be able to significantly lower operating costs (freeing up resources for its members), safeguard its energy supply, and further align itself with national and international net zero efforts. We will be tracking our progress on our soon-to-be-unveiled Sun-o-metre! 

Bright 4 Sight day is the culmination of Vision Awareness Week, which is designed to highlight issues related to sight loss and blindness. Unfortunately, a significant and growing portion of the Isle of Man’s population experience problems with their sight. Sight Matters exists to provide those people with essential support and resources so that they can live independent lives free of discrimination.

If your organisation wants to hold a dress-down day or would like to get involved in Bright 4 Sight day in another way, we’d love to see it! So please feel free to send any photographs through to, and we’ll share them on our social media pages and elsewhere.

Spread the word: download our Bright 4 Sight poster and stick it up in your organisation.

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